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Jack (Artocarpus heterophyllus) of the Moraceae family is the world’s largest fruit. It is a tropical fruit. The fruits are delicious and a rich source of vitamin A,C and minerals and they also supply carbohydrates. Tender Jackfruits are used as vegetable. The timber of Jack tree is valued for furniture making and rarely attacked by termites.
Some of the popular varieties of Jackfruit are Champa, Gulabi, Hazar,Velipala, Singapore, Hybrid jack, Panruti selection, Thanjavur jack, Burliar 1, PLR 1, PPI 1,Varikka, Koozha, Navarikka, Muttam Varika, Dewaria, NJT 1, NJT 2, NJT 3, and NJT 4(table varieties), NJT 5, NJT 6, NJT 7 and NJT 8 (culinary varieties)

The tree comes up well in warm humid climate upto an elevation of 1500m . It cannot tolerate frost Rich, deep well drained soil is necessary. Soil pH around 5.5 at the time of planting is desirable.

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