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Indoor plants

Indoor gardening is the most desirable activity to stay connected to the nature as well as to create a miniature natural environment at home. Growing and maintaining a group of indoor plants is known as Indoor gardening. Indoor plants improve the aesthetic value of our living world such as home, office, schools or any other commercial set up and also purify the surrounding air, there by ensuring the constant supply of fresh air.

Other benefits of indoor plants include reduction in stress, fatigue and illness. Researches have shown that kids pay more attention in plant filled class rooms and creativity improved in adults with cut flowers. Though we are not fortunate enough to live in a plant filled world, we can create it by placing the plants strategically in our surroundings.

Wide range of Indoor plants is available with us with soil less media, which is light weight, sterile media, easy to maintain when compared with soil media. No fear of soil born pest and disease occurrence.Indoor Plants available at Vijaya Phyto Farms Pvt. Ltd. Include:



Aglaonema commutatum elegan

aglaonema crispum green pe

Aglaonema dove

Aglaonema earnestahybrid

Aglaonema grey beauty

Aglaonema marantifolium

Aglaonema marantifolium ro


Aglaonema modestum verigatu

Aglaonema pathaya beauty

Aglaonema pseudobractatum

Aglaonema riverside

Aglaonema siamense

Aglaonema silverqueen

Aglaonema commutatum

Aglaonema crispum

Aglaonema crispum MLG

Aglaonema earnesto hybrid

Aglaonema marantifolium robusum

Aglaonema modestum

Aglaonema modestum variegatum


Dieffenbachia exotica

Dieffenbachia glow

Dieffiebachia 1


Dieffienbachia amoena

Dieffienbachia highcolour

Dieffienbachia maculata

Dieffienbachia mars

Dieffienbachia wilsons sport

Dieffienbachia glow

Dieffienbachia Mars

Dieffienbachia tropic snow

Dieffienbachia variegata


Dracaema my darling


Dracaena 1

Dracaena americana

Dracaena coloroma

Dracaena coloroma white

Dracaena ctc red

Dracaena ctc white

Dracaena dermensis arneckei

Dracaena dermensis souvenir

Dracaena fragrans victoriae

Dracaena marginata tricolou

Dracaena americana

Dracaena baby ti

Dracaena calcutta 1

Dracaena mahatma

Dracaena rainbow

Dracaena singaporensisa


Dracena ctc tricolour

Dracena song of india

Foliage Anthurium

Anthurium clarinervium

Leaf anthurium


Maranta zebrina



Monstera deliciosa

Monstera obliqua

Nephrolepis ferns

Duckfoot fern

Golden fern

Nephrolepis 1

Nephrolepis exaltata muscosa

Varigated fern



Philodendron ceylon gold

Philodendron elegans

Philodendron lacerum

philodendronvpainted lady

Philodendron red duchess

Philodendron williamsii

Philodendron wendlandii


Phylodendron seylum


Schefflera arboricola

Schefflera brassia

Schefflera highcolour


Spathyphyllum verigated



Other Indoors






Stromanthe sanguinea

Scindapsus ureus gold

    • Avoid direct sunlight for house plants.
    • Protect from high temperatures. Ideal temperature for most of indoor plants is 20o to 27o C.
    • Moderate watering. The best way to determine the plant water requirement is to feel the media with your finger tip, if it is cool and barely moist to touch it is better to wait another day or two. If there is no moisture till one inch depth from the top of the pot, then give tray full watering.
    • Apply fertilizer once in 30 days such as 20-20-20 @ 5g per liter of water. This fertilizer can be dissolved in water and can be given at the time of watering.
    • Excess fertilizer increases media salt concentration, which spoils the root health and may lead to death of plant.
    • Generally pest attack may not be a problem for indoor plants. Spray Azadirakthin (Neem oil) @2ml per liter as a preventive measure for pest attack. There may be some chances of fungal attack due to over watering. In such cases drenching with Trichoderma viridi @ 10g per liter in the tray is advisable.