Vijaya Phyto Farms Pvt.Ltd.
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Company - Profile

Vijaya Phyto Farms Pvt. Ltd., was originally started as “Vijaya Nursery” in the year 1983, and was registered as a company in the year 1993, and renamed as “Vijaya Phyto Farms Private Limited”. It has been involved in large scale cultivation and supply of ‘propagated’ and ‘grown-up’ plants of usable size, for sale to buyers in India. It has already emerged a market leader in tropical and sub tropical fruit plant varieties in the two-and-a-half and three year age band; and enjoys monopoly as the only nursery in the country producing containerized Grafted grape plants for commercial cultivation and the only nursery producing house plants in soilless media in Andhra Pradesh. The company is also commercially propagating seedless guava & seedless Jamun.

Although the company was mostly focused on fruit-orchard projects in Andhra Pradesh, with rapid growth it has gradually started receiving orders for supplying plants for ‘fruit-orchard’ projects in other parts of India as well.

" Rationale for Oil Palm Tissue Culture " : The Current Indian Demand of Oil Palm planting material is being met by seedling -raised plants in 2011-12, 6 million plants (seedlings) were imported inorder to meet the demand of about 9 million plants. Seedling production at nationallevel contributes only 33% of the need. The Department of Agriculture and Cooperation, Government of India has launched an Oil Palm area Expansion programme during 2011-12 for which 8 States namely Andhra Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Gujarat, Karnataka, Maharasthra, Mizoram, Orissa and Tamil nadu have been identified with additional area of 60,000 hectare as target. Further, subsidy is offered by state and Central Farmers. Companies are also promoting Plantation through buy back arrangement.

Production of Oil Palm is tedious due to various difficulties associated with hybridization technology and no other vegetative method is available for propagation. Tissue Culture is one of the promising options for the mass propagation and production of Oil Palm Planting material, especially in view of the acute shortage in Planting materials in India.

The Founder & Managing Director of Vijaya Phyto Farms Pvt. Ltd., Shri G. Lakshmi Narayana is a member of the Research and Extension Council (R.E.C.) of Dr. Y. S. R. Horticulture University(formerly known as APHU)